Bushel hosts various yoga instructors. See the YOGA SCHEDULE for upcoming classes. 


Chris Langford offers a regular introductory class in the intensive yoga style called the Five Tibetan Rites. The Rites can be done by anyone regardless of previous yoga experience. Class lasts an hour; attendees are encouraged to bring a yoga mat and a towel. Suggested donation: $10


Isabelle Delgrange offers an occasional open-level 90-minute Jivamukti class. Suggested donation: $15

Isabelle is an 800-hour Jivamukti-certified instructor and a volunteer for the inmates program “Yoga for Liberation.” Her classes follow the principles of Ashtanga yoga, Kundalini, Qui Kung, and shamanism, working towards the path of self-transformation. She is thankful to her teachers, friends, and students. For questions about private classes and workshops, contact isabelledelgrange@gmail.com.