New Grange gathers Catskills area farmers one night a month for unscripted social, political, and practical engagements. There are how-tos and a little rabble-rousing. Shop talk. Beer. Farmer things. We’re calling it New Grange because we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. See the CALENDAR for complete schedule.

Starting in May 2017 and for the duration of the season, New Grange will be happening at local farms instead of at Bushel, according to the following schedule. Farm tours will be from 3-5 pm, with pot luck after.

Tuesday, May 16: Eastbrook Farm in Walton
Tuesday, June 13: Berrybrook Farm in Delancey
Tuesday, July 11: Star Route Farm in Charlotteville
Friday, August 11: Lucky Dog Farm in Hamden
Tuesday, September 12: Treadlight Farm in Bovina
Monday, October 9: Ramble Bramble Farm in South Kortright

Open to all farmers, farm workers, farm enthusiasts and activists.