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Bushel is a nonprofit registered charity in the process of gaining 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. We offer much of our programming either for free or for a suggested donation, and we share our space with other community groups for low or no cost (read our mission statement here). With your financial help, we can continue to add and expand programming; open our doors more regularly for co-working, library browsing, and free-store shopping; bring artists, workshop leaders and guest speakers from other parts of the country and world; make a few improvements to the space (shades to facilitate film screenings, better lighting!); and generally put into action more of the ideas we have been amassing, often in conversation with community members.

Donations in any amount help immensely! Note: we aren’t yet able to take tax-exempt donations. If you are making a larger donation and wish to take a tax exemption for it, please use the second link to donate through our fiscal sponsor, Ugly Duckling Presse. If you don’t need the tax exemption, you can donate directly to us. Either way, THANK YOU.

DONATE NOW (not tax-exempt)

DONATE NOW (tax-exempt; you will receive an IRS-compliant thank-you letter from Ugly Duckling Presse)

You can also donate by check. Make your check out to Bushel (for non-tax-exempt donations) or to Ugly Duckling Presse (for tax-exempt donations), and mail to:

84 Main Street
Delhi, NY