Bushel is pleased to present the first gallery exhibition of Nik Clifford and Jenny Miles, who work together as graphic designers under the name Hardhat Design. ‘I Drank in the Vapours & Swallowed the Dust’ is an installation-based show that uses an accumulation of found and collected photographs, objects and words to consider why and how we fill objects with meaning and to reflect on the rituals and mementos we use to create and hold on to our personal (often hidden) stories, myths, and memories.


Nik Clifford & Jenny Miles are Brooklyn and Hobart-based graphic designers (who also draw, paint, write & build cabins). Born and raised in New Zealand and England respectively, they have been working and living together for over 15 years. They increasingly bring the personal into their creative projects, whether hand-drawn or -painted illustration and sign-writing, local community-based projects, or collaborative social events. Their first gallery show also focuses on the personal.

I Drank in the Vapours & Swallowed the Dust

October 15–November 14, 2016
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 15, 6-8pm
Open for viewing during Open Hours and events, and by appointment
Contact: info@bushelcollective.org